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Coiled blue rope on a mast

High-quality Rigging Ropes and Hardware on Vancouver Island

In any lifting or rigging project, your choice of equipment can be the difference between a job completed on time, safely, and with minimal downtime and encountering challenges that impede your work and cause delays. At Test Right Rigging Ltd, our full line of rigging ropes and hardware in Vancouver Island offers the lifting devices you need for any application or industry. We serve Vancouver Island, including Victoria, Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Parksville, Courtenay and Campbell River.


Our wide selection of lifting devices features wire ropes, synthetic ropes, chains, and hardware available in diverse sizes and specifications. In many cases, we build lifting devices to suit your unique job. If you are looking to purchase something specific, please contact us with your request and learn what our customization capabilities can do for you.

Wire Rope

Wire Rope

Wire rope can be identified through its structure, the number of strands, as well as the amount of wires composing those strands. Generally speaking, the more wires, the more flexible. Most equipment/material will require specific wire rope, which we have in stock or can source upon request.

  • Galvanized

  • Stainless

  • Plastic coated

  • Guy strand

  • Crane ropes

  • Logging ropes

  • Swaged ropes up to 1 1/4″

  • Non-rotating

  • Alternate lay

  • Langs lay

If you have something else in mind – Contact Us.

Black wire rope in warehouse
Synthetic Rope
A photo of blue colour synthetic rope

Synthetic Rope

Our company specializes in using Dyneema, the strongest fibre in the world, to create lightweight and incredibly strong ropes. With Dyneema, a 200ft long line can be easily lifted by one person and rated for 16,000 lbs - we even test it for up to 32,000 lbs, and it still won't break until 100,000 lbs. In comparison, a wire rope of the same size would be impossible for one person to lift. Our ropes are commonly used on winch lines due to their strength and durability.

We take pride in being the leading provider of Long Lines in British Columbia, and we have developed partnerships with major companies in the industry. Our expertise in creating high-quality, custom-made ropes allows us to provide innovative solutions for various applications. The synthetic ropes are suitable for most industries and environments such as:

  • Logging

  • Utility services

  • Entertainment

  • Crane lifting

  • Safety and rescue

  • Mooring

  • Helicopter long lines

  • Mining

  • Oil, gas, and energy

  • Recreational marine

  • Commercial fishing

  • Inland river

  • Military and defense

Chain & Hardware

Chain and Hardware

When it comes to rigging, the importance of chains and hardware cannot be emphasized enough. At Test Right Rigging Ltd, we custom-manufacture and sell rigging chains and hardware to a wide range of clients, from construction, excavation, and marine to logging, dredging, and other industries. We employ the same equipment in our rigging job that we recommend and sell to our clients. Therefore, you can depend on the knowledge and experience of our rigging crew to help you make the right choices. We have rigging hardware in a variety of material options, such as cast iron, galvanized steel, and more. There are also hardware options in stainless steel for marine applications. Our hardware selections are manufactured for sturdy applications and can resist weather impacts and corrosion.

A picture showcasing chain hardware

Other Products

Our range of rigging products also include:

  • Spreader Bars

  • DICA Crane Pads

  • Load Cells

  • Crane Blocks

  • Hilman Rollers

  • Fall Arrest

  • Long Lines

  • Helicopter Nets

  • Turnbuckles

  • Shackles

  • Com Alongs

  • Turfers

  • Cable Lube

  • Crane Swivels

  • Headache Balls

  • Test Benches

  • Overhead hoists

  • Beam Trolleys

  • Lifting Magnets

  • Tie Downs

  • Cargo Straps

  • Aviation Rigging

  • Helicopter Rigging

  • Winches

Brands We Carry

Closeup of wire rope

Quality Rigging Products

Explore our range of wire ropes, synthetic rope, chains and hardware.

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