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Lower view of a heavy lifting crane

Time-efficient Heavy Lifting Services on Vancouver Island

Test Right Rigging Ltd provides a variety of heavy lifting services for all types of oversized and over-dimensional weights. Our experienced riggers employ high-performance cranes and lifting resources and engineer accurate lifting plans to solve your time-sensitive, complicated rigging challenges safely. We provide jack and rolling services, crane and hoisting services, as well as bridge lifting. We serve Vancouver Island, including Victoria, Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Parksville, Courtenay and Campbell River.


Our lifting and rigging professionals work with the clients to determine the scope of work and ensure that the correct crane tonnage is employed to meet your lifting needs. You can rely on us to match every rigging job with the right equipment. We work with crawler tracks, boom lifts, hydraulic cranes, chokers, shackles, and rigging gear. 

Jack and Roll

Jack and Roll

In the context of moving very heavy equipment, "Jack and Roll" refers to a technique used to lift and move heavy machinery and other large objects. This technique involves using hydraulic jacks to raise the equipment off the ground and then using rollers or casters to move the equipment to a new location.


The jack and roll process is a common method used in industrial settings, such as factories, warehouses, and construction sites, to relocate large pieces of equipment or machinery. The hydraulic jacks are used to lift the equipment off the ground, making it possible to move it with a relatively small amount of force. The rollers or casters are then used to guide the equipment to its new location, allowing it to be moved smoothly and efficiently.


In addition to being a useful technique for moving heavy equipment, jack and roll can also be used to install and remove equipment as well as to make repairs or perform maintenance on the equipment. This versatility makes jack and roll a valuable tool for many industrial applications.

A picture of two workers lifting a heavy object

Why Choose Jack and Roll over Standard Crane Service

There are several benefits of using the jack and roll method over a standard crane service when moving heavy equipment, including:

  • Increased manoeuvrability: Jack and roll allows greater manoeuvrability of the equipment as it can be moved in any direction using the rollers or casters. This can be especially useful in tight spaces where a crane cannot access the equipment.

  • Cost savings: Jack and roll is typically a more cost-effective solution compared to a standard crane service. This is because the equipment and manpower needed for jack and roll is typically less than that needed for a crane, which can result in significant cost savings.

  • Speed: Jack and roll is a quicker process than using a crane as the equipment can be moved with a smaller team and without the need for a large crane. This can help to reduce downtime and get equipment back into operation faster.

  • Increased safety: Jack and roll is a safer method for moving heavy equipment, as it eliminates the need for large cranes, which can be dangerous if operated improperly.

Overall, the jack and roll method can be a more efficient, cost-effective, and safe option for moving heavy equipment in certain situations.

Hire Test Right Rigging Ltd for Jack and Rolling

We specialize in hydraulic lifting up to 500 tons. We have a wide selection of hydraulic jacks ranging in many sizes and weights. Every job is different, and we are prepared for any challenge.

In 2016, our team was thrilled to be working on the Pachena Point Lighthouse. Here we jacked up the lighthouse 2 feet high so the base of the Heritage building could be rebuilt. The building sat on jacks for 2 months before being released down.

Workers installing a big pizza oven at Sawmill Taphouse and Grill
Huge pizza oven being used inside Sawmill Taphouse and Grill

In 2016, we moved and installed the pizza oven at the Sawmill Taphouse and Grill in Chemainus. As you can see, the oven travels along 2 I-beams until it is in position.

In the first photo, this fabricating machine was removed by us, and replaced with the CNC machine, the second photo.

Machine cleaners being moved by a crane
Engine cleaner being moved in a warehouse

In these photos, we moved two engine/machine cleaners into place.

In the photo above, this house was evenly raised to add an additional floor underneath. In this particular job, the jacks are sequenced to activate together consistently to assure minimal to no damage.

Crane & Hoist Services
A picture showcasing a crane lifting a heavy machine

Crane & Hoist Services

Test Right Rigging Ltd is the proud owner of a 125 Ton Link Belt conventional Crane. We provide under-the-hook insurance etc.

Bridge Lifting

Bridge Lifting

Test Right Rigging Ltd provides industry-grade heavy-duty lifting resources for bridge construction, repair, and demolition projects. In certain cases, a crane is not feasible for bridge lifts. That’s why our crew works with specialized equipment to lift and hoist large segments of a concrete bridge over the water.

A picture of a bridge showcasing bridge jacking

Industrial Moving Services

Planning an industrial move requires extensive experience and foresight to predict the obstacles and challenges. When you use industrial moving services from Test Right Rigging Ltd, you get years of industrial moving experience.

Trust our crew for services such as:

  • Transformer installation

  • Heavy haul

  • Skid system

  • Jack and roll

  • Plant equipment placement

  • Machinery relocation

  • and more

We also have experience with specific equipment:

  • HVAC systems

  • Medical, lab, and dental equipment

  • Commercial/industrial kitchen equipment

  • Commercial tank moving

  • Fragile delicate moving

  • Bank safes and vaults

  • CNC machinery moving

Services We Offer

We provide:

  • Transportation

  • Tractor and trailers 

  • Cranes

  • Millwright services

  • Indoor storage

  • Outdoor storage

  • Jack and slide system

  • Delivery 

  • Specialized transportation

  • Fabrication

  • Machine moving

  • Custom rigging

  • Industrial moving

Industries We Serve

Our customers include businesses from:

  • HVAC

  • Packaging and crating 

  • New construction

  • Food processing

  • Dairy

  • Electrical 

  • Brewery 

  • Machining and tooling

  • Mining

Bridge under construction

Bridge Lifting Project?

Count on our crew to lift and hoist bridge segments to facilitate safety and efficiency.

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